Wallbreaker – Marketing has never been more important than now

There’s a lot to be said about marketing your brand in the best of times, but there is an even stronger argument for keeping your marketing going when times get tough, too.

Businesses across Lincolnshire are all facing challenging times and uncertain futures as the economic impact of Coronavirus starts to bite. It can be easy to slam the shutters down and ride out this pandemic, but you’d be missing out on some massive opportunities. 

It was always inevitable that as more businesses started to work from home and limit their services, the local economy would slow down. Some businesses are being hit much harder than others. For some, this pandemic is actually driving up their revenues and they’re doing more business than ever. 

Now that more people are staying home and staying online than ever before, there is a massive potential audience to capture here, making it a fantastic time to push out your marketing content, even if only to prepare for the months ahead. 

It’s a fantastic time to plan your marketing for the rest of the year. Test, refine and test again. Now is a time for working smarter, optimising processes so that businesses can hit the ground running once this pandemic is over. Got a project you’ve been dying to work on? Now could be the time to see if it really has legs.

Now is also the best time to make yourself visible in front of your potential clients and customers. It’s not just you who is preparing for the future, your potential clients will be looking into what services they can take advantage of in the future. If you’re not there to show off what you’ve got, they certainly won’t be coming to you. 

There’s never been a better time to put your content out there, especially if it’s something as visually appealing as well-produced video content. People are always looking for something to grab their attention – after all, we spend over a day of our time staring at our smartphones every week. 

Now, as more people are stuck inside, away from the rest of the world, video content is the perfect medium for connecting with others. People will be sharing more content than ever before too, which is where a lot of businesses can cash in on their marketing campaigns. We know that video content generates 1200% more shares on social media than images and text, which could prove decisive in how well your business performs after this outbreak has cleared up. 

Overall, it’s important not to let the world shut down around us. Marketing your brand could be more important than it ever has been in terms of generating awareness and bringing in new leads or business. 

You can find more information in Wallbreaker’s eBook and Podcast: Marketing For Now & The Future